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Mobile laboratories of combined express-diagnostics

Express diagnostics of thyroid




April 22, 2015 celebrated the anniversary of honored doctor of Russia (1982), pioneer of ultrasound diagnostics (WFUMB and AIUM, 1988), an honorary member of the Russian association of experts of ultrasonic diagnostics in medicine (2007) Yuri Bogin.

Yuri Bogin is the Great Patriotic War veteran. In 1948 he graduated from the Naval Medical Academy in Leningrad, worked for many years in the Central Clinical Hospital № 1 Ministry of Railways of the USSR, where in the early 60s under his leadership was the laboratory will build on dowsing diagnosis. Since 1962, the employees of the laboratory have been put into practice ultrasound of internal organs, the thyroid and mammary glands, soft tissues, there is an active analysis of the data in relation to the morphological material.

The laboratory diagnosis of dowsing under Yuri Bogin carried ultrasound diagnosis of pathological changes in the lungs, pleural cavity, esophagus, mediastinum, pericardium - unconventional for the time of application. In 1968-1970 the work was performed, which later contributed to the development of a new direction of ultrasound diagnostics - punctures the impact of various organs and tissues under ultrasound guidance. So, in 1971 in the "Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry name S.S. Korsakov" was first published work devoted to the study of two-dimensional ultrasound of the spine (ehospondilografy) to determine benchmarks in the implementation of a lumbar puncture, which provided the priority of Russian science in this direction. In 1967-1968 laboratory research were conducted with various sports injury of soft tissue injuries.

In 1977 at the World Electrotechnical Congress in Moscow dowsing laboratory demonstrated as a medical center, which carried out complex studies in the diagnosis of various diseases. In 1973, the Publisher "Medicine" published a book "Radioisotope scanning, ultrasound and thermal-imaging dowsing in the clinic," in 1979 - "Ultrasound diagnosis of diseases of the liver and spleen." Co-author of the monograph was Yuri Bogin. Subsequently, MD Bogin has co-authored two books: "Ultrasonic and thermal diagnosis of vascular lesions of the nervous system "(1986) and" Integrated Express -diagnostics thyroid diseases "(1992).

In '80 years in the laboratory of Yuri Bogin based on a large clinical material was analyzed and summarized the experience of the study of the kidneys and adrenal glands, the technique of in vivo determination of the mass of internal organs. Total laboratory were examined 156,000 patients who were trained 273 doctors (on "Ultrasound diagnostic studies and teletermografiya", "Comprehensive Diagnosis (theoretical and practical training)"), published 117 scientific papers, including the United States, Spain, Italy , Germany and the Netherlands.

Together with the association "Era" project was developed, manufactured and equipped with two mobile laboratories integrated rapid diagnosis based on buses and trailers. The express complex conducted clinical examination, thermography, ultrasound, and cytology. With the purpose of training of personnel working in the laboratories of complex mobile rapid diagnosis, early in the '90s was established and practical training program "diagnostician", made on a CD, which was the undoubted highlight of the ultrasonic world at that time.
Under the direction of Yuri Bogin was defended 6 candidate dissertations, patents for invention "Method for rapid diagnosis of thyroid disease," and "A method of predicting trophic disorders of the lower extremity soft tissue in patients with diabetes."

Total experience MD Bogin 53 years old, 41 of them a year in the field of ultrasound diagnosis. Its 90th anniversary of Yuri Bogin full of creative forces.
Yuri Bogin strikes us high social activity and great interest to changes in diagnostic ultrasound. Today, he continues to share their valuable ideas and knowledge.

Editorial staff, students and colleagues congratulated Yuri Bogin on his birthday and wish him good health, courage and success in creative plans!


 "Ultrasound and functional diagnostics" №2, 2015